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Ward traded his job against his contribution to multiple companies’ success in 2011. Since then, clients have been relying on him as a trusted niche specialist who identifies, builds and implements solutions that create measurable value. Ward guides organizations towards innovative propositions and product development opportunities that lead to business growth – typically as a strategy consultant, a product owner, or an interim product manager. He thoroughly enjoys working throughout the whole value chain.

Ward is known to reduce complexity from idea generation to end result delivery. To achieve that, he selects the best business case and designs the project road ahead. As a co-creator and personable individual, he enjoys working with and empowering teams, focused on actionable scenarios.


Having literally seen every corner of many companies in senior roles in the last 25 years, Jeroen has experienced what leadership, vision and focus bring. They pave the way towards value creation. His management style is characterized by leadership, open mindedness and curiosity, driven by the successfully internalized mindset of ‘distant involvement’. As a powerful facilitator of organizational as well as personal growth, he helps customers achieve tangible and lasting results suited to their specific context.

Jeroen gratefully embraces the gift of life in every situation. He feels challenged to create value in the lives of others, hence his motto: “what fun and how rewarding it is to create value together!”


We are change agents, improvement catalysts, roadmap designers, team players, strategic thinkers, costs killers, bottom line improvers, team empowerers, project drivers, best vendor selectors, partnership enablers, execution leaders, competitive edge builders, growth boosters, results creators, success facilitators.

Our clients’ business struggles are our expert’s challenges. We are committed to turning them into growth opportunities for all parties.

We are rewarded by our clients' lasting success.


We simplify complexity and technicality.


Our drive is to create lasting value for our clients.


Our actionable vision is rooted in our deep industry expertise.


We leverage our industry network to your benefit.

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