co-Creating a Global FinTech Ecosystem

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Panel discussion to celebrate the launch of Global Impact FinTech’s South Asia chapter on July 11, 2020. Some highlights.

Global Impact FinTech (GIFT) is a global, diverse and by invite only non-profit forum of FinTech ecosystem thought leaders from 40+ countries. Our forum has members from governments, regulators, Central Banks, Multilateral agencies, Banks, Academia and industry, and strives to engage with policy makers, global agencies and digital ecosystem leaders. We are focused on knowledge sharing, community building and ecosystem strengthening, with the goal of finding solutions to some of humanity’s biggest challenges, especially also sustainable inclusion, by leveraging disruptive technology.

FinTech is the green energy powering our economies. The balancing act of regulators between facilitating innovation and ensuring a level playing field, safety and legitimacy of transactions is a struggle.

Our FinTech community is challenged to facilitate convergence of ideas, nurturing a better world.

Our moderator Musheer summarizes the panel discussion spot on as follows: “we need Trust, followed by Sharing and Collaboration to stimulate inclusion of Thought, Technology and Growth”. Hear hear!

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