Merchant Payment Ecosystem - Berlin

We have been speaking at the 2019 MPE event in Berlin on new technologies in relation to retail POS. We are happy to share our insights on retail transformation.

Summary MPE presentation

The classical retail environment has been equipped with payment devices that allowed hardly any integration or flexibility. This is now rapidly evolving into a modern infrastructure with deep integrations and app stores for any purpose. Stock, CRM and loyalty functions are readily available and flexible to support use cases and location.

Payments themselves evolve into checkout mechanisms via QR, NFC and In-App solutions. Via QR we will support the payments culture from visitors abroad, like we are used to with online APM’s. PSD2 based initiatives will pop up like Payconiq in the Benelux. The card schemes enable any Pay Wallet via tokenization and even PayPal as a payment method.

Payments are no longer the last stand alone step in the checkout process but integrate into selecting, ordering, with loyalty and logistic services. Consumers are less anonymous as a consequence.

Retailers start to localize their product portfolio, based on data gathering that we know from online experiences. High quality location data is available to connect to consumers. Your apps share location and more.

New user experience in store should be personal and lead to differentiated shop experiences. Technology is there to support and stretch the retail abilities. Remote ordering (what we used to call e-com) is evolving into a new customer attraction method. Recognizing customers is improving the product fit.

Leading US retailers innovate in voice enabled solutions, SCO and fully robotized order picking and delivery. Beacon technology for check-in, in store location setting and routing. There is one downside, tracking you in store and at checkout, via cameras and sensors, will be the new normal.

Again Amazon and Walmart are leading the development and change in customer behaviour. What will this highly data driven retail experience mean for competition in physical retail?

Retail POS innovation

We are keen to combine trends in retail, business models and payment technology into a view on what’s next. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, location based data and customer profiles combined with payments, loyalty and delivery services are powerful tools for retailers.​

Blended Commerce and the role of the payment service industry

As business models change and customer data is leveraged to offer personalized customer experiences the payments industry needs to facilitate. Some retailers are ahead of the pack with self checkout and cashless buying experiences. Payment Services Providers need to adapt and either grow their scale or specialize to remain relevant and successful.

Mobility and Payments

The mobility sector is undergoing essential changes. There is a shift towards EV and Mobility as a Service. In the value chain, all reconsider their position. The traveller is key to all and competition will be all around him. Payments as an enabler for secure and convenient transactions via tokenized card solutions feel key. We exchange thoughts on the value chain, the trends and abilities to improve your current positioning.

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